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Southern Scripts Announces New Name: Liviniti

Pharmacy benefit manager’s new name highlights commitment to improving lives through transparency and innovation 

NATCHITOCHES, La., May 16, 2023 – Southern Scripts, a pharmacy benefit manager committed to transparency in prescription pricing, today announced its new name, Liviniti. The new name reflects the company’s commitment to the power of medication to improve lives through infinite possibilities as it advances its mission to transform pharmacy benefits for U.S. employers.

“We founded this company with a clear and simple philosophy, to provide employers with straightforward prescription drug pricing and no hidden costs to deliver deep savings and better clinical outcomes,” says LeAnn C. Boyd, PharmD, CEO and co-founder, Liviniti. “The time is right for a new name that fully reflects the size, scale and scope of the company today.”

Liviniti has grown to serve 750,000 plan members across the country as it reshapes pharmacy benefit management for healthcare payers. Building on its strong foundation, the company has invested in innovative products and enhanced technology to serve its national client base and achieve the goal of delivering maximum savings and optimal health outcomes for U.S. employers and their employees.

“The significant growth we’ve experienced throughout the last 12 years is proof that pharmacy benefits do not have to be complicated,” adds LeAnn. “As Liviniti, we remain committed to continuing our vital work in supporting companies and their employees with patient-centered clinical care and access to medications they need at the lowest net cost.”

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About Liviniti

Founded as Southern Scripts in 2011, Liviniti is a pioneer in pharmacy benefit innovation. Built by pharmacists, the company offers a unique pass-through pricing and transparent model that delivers meaningful savings to clients and optimal health outcomes to members. Southern Scripts became Liviniti in 2023, reinforcing the power of medication to change lives through infinite possibilities. With an approach that delivers savings, clinical value, exceptional customer service and management of high-cost medications, Liviniti provides pharmacy benefit services to local, regional and national employers across the U.S. For more information, visit


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